Capital City Candle Elegance. Naturally.

At Capital City Candle we are committed to the principle of sustainability. We believe that nothing should be taken from the earth that cannot be returned to it...naturally.

We start every candle with 100% natural soy wax. We carefully hand craft each candle to burn slow, burn clean, and burn evenly from the first light to the very last burn. We blend every candle with care, because we care about what you breathe.

We are passionate about pouring the most amazing candle that can possibly be made. We are fixated on blending for you the most sensual floral, the fullest citrus, and the cleanest herbal and fruit fragrances that can be hand crafted into a candle. Our candles are simple but elegant, dye-free, and burn for 65 to 75 hours.

We believe that every candle is a unique experience. Allow the natural elegance and sensuality of a Capital City Candle to brighten your day...and your night.